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Here is a listing of all 46 episodes together with a short description. If you do not want to know the story before you have seen it, be warned. I have tried to not to give away too much, though. After each description, there is the corresponding chapter of the original novel, enclosed in parentheses. Some episodes do not have a corresponding chapter because there are some new characters and plotlines added in the anime.

The English episode names on this page are more or less successful attempts to translate the original Japanese episode names into English. Sorry if some of them should sound a bit awkward.

  1. Miss Minchin's Girl's School
    Sara Crewe arrives with her father in London. Mr. Barrow, Crewe's solicitor has already arranged everything for Sara's stay in Miss Minchin's Seminary. It's obvious that Sara will be the pupil who is paid the most attention to. They get to know Peter, who will drive Sara's own carriage.

  2. In Search of Emily
    Until her father returns to India, Sara stays with him in the hotel. But before he leaves, Sara wants to search the doll Emily who will be her companion while he is absent. After a long search, they finally find Emily at a tailor's shop. On the very same day they have to say good-bye.

  3. The First Day in School
    Sara is being introduced to her fellow pupils. There are girls of all ages at the Seminary. From Lavinia, the oldest girl, to the little Lottie who is only four years old. An unpleasant incident happens in the first French lesson. Due to an unfortunate misunderstanding Miss Minchin blames Sara for being exposed in front of the class.
    (A french lesson)

  4. Good Friend Ermengarde
    Poor Ermengarde is the worst pupil in class and is looked down upon by the other pupils, especially by Lavinia. When she is teased once again, Sara defends her and they both become good friends. Because it is Ermengarde's aunt Eliza's birthday, they visit her in the outskirts of London.

  5. Lottie the Squaller
    Lottie runs away from the Seminary. After she was finally found she is brought back but she cries and cries and cannot be calmed down. After a long time of patient waiting, Sara manages to pacify her. Sara becomes Lottie's "Mamma Sara" (Lottie's real mother does not live anymore).

  6. Cinderella Becky
    Becky arrives at the Seminary to work as a scullery maid. She has got a hard life with all the work and James and Molly being after her most of the time. Sara is beginning to feel sympathy for her and wants to help her.

  7. The Representative of the Class
    The mayor's wife visits the Seminary along with some more representatives of the city. Miss Minchin displays Sara as a credit to the establishement and the mayor is very impressed. Lavinia is getting more and more jealous of Sara because she even lost her position of class representative to her.

  8. A Nice Little Lady
    After a dancing lesson (which again has made Lavinia more jealous of Sara), Sara returns to her room. As she opens the door, she discovers Becky, tired and exhausted, fallen asleep on Sara's armchair. When Becky wakes up she is terribly shocked but to her surprise, Sara invites her to stay a while.

  9. A Letter from India
    Sara organizes a little party to get reconciled with Lavinia but without success. Especially when a letter from her father arrives saying that he is going to make a great fortune with a diamond mine project together with a friend.
    (The diamond mines)

  10. Two Presents
    Sara's birthday is really soon. Miss Minchin decides to buy an elegant frock as a birthday present. They visit the tailor's shop where Sara found Emily to look for one and they find it, too. But Sara is much more pleased by the present Becky has made to her: a self-made pincushion.
    (The diamond mines)

  11. The Birthday of the Princess
    Her birthday is going to change Sara's life forever. While the girls have a party, Mr. Barrow arrives at the Seminary with bad, bad news. The investment of Sara's father in that diamond mine turned into a catastrophe and resulted in his ruin. Moreover he fell sick with Jungle Fever and died leaving Sara a pauper.
    (The diamond mines again)

  12. The Dark Attic
    Mr. Barrow takes Sara's things away to amortize her father's debts. Sara has nothing left besides Emily and a photo of her parents. After a discussion with Mr. Barrow, Miss Minchin decides to keep Sara and make her work for the Seminary. Sara is given old, worn clothes and must sleep in an attic chamber next to Becky's room.
    (The diamond mines again)

  13. A Hard Work Day
    After all Sara is not completely alone. On the very first night on the attic, when she sits in the dark, good Becky arrives and brings her a couple of things she could save for her. Sara feels much relieved with somebody still caring for her. The next morning Sara and Becky set out to face their first work day together.
    (On the attic)

  14. A Nightly Visitor
    Sara's new situation is beginning to change her. She becomes more quiet which is is not that striking, however, due to the fact that she has not the opportunity to speak with other people too often. Ermengarde fears Sara doesn't like her anymore and is very anxious about this thought. One night she decides to visit Sara on the attic.
    (On the attic)

  15. Peter, a Child of the Populace
    One of her new duties leads Sara to the market at Coven's Garden. There she meets Peter who has been very worried about her in the meantime. Peter himself has found back to his former life as an errand-boy after losing his job at Miss Minchin's. He is still very uncomfortable with Sara's situation but they both decide to make the best out of it.

  16. Lottie's Adventure
    Lottie is too young to completely understand the whole situation. But she knows one thing for sure: that her beloved Mamma Sara is unhappy. After some research work she finds out Sara's whereabouts, a mysterious room on the attic of the Seminary. One night she takes courage and creeps out of her bed and to the attic. Up there a surprise awaits. Sara is going to become friends with a rat and Lottie will, too! His name is Melchisedec or shortly Melle.

  17. Little Melle's Family
    It's Ermengarde's turn now to meet Melchisedec and his family. In the beginning she is even more frightened of the rats than Lottie was but also she is getting used to and is even beginning to like them. Spontaneously she collects some bread crumbs from the breakfast table for Melle and company but, oh no, she is caught by Lavinia. If Ermengarde does not survive the inevitable questioning, Sara will be in great trouble.

  18. Sad Maypole Celebration
    There is a special tradition on the May Day. The girls bath in the morning dew to become (hopefully) more beautiful. After that they celebrate May Day with music, dance and of course the Maypole. But to Sara, May Day will bring a great shock. On her way to the market, a little boy offers her a sixpence. His face was honest and friendly and he really did not mean any harm. But if he only knew what he has done to her.
    (The Indian Gentleman)

  19. Call to India
    Unexpectedly Sara gets mail. But the letters are all her own, sent back from India with no father anymore to receive them. Fortunately she recovers soon from this new confirmation of her father's death. And she decides to find out for herself what exactly has happened. Together with Peter she writes a letter to India. Paper and ink is not such a problem but the transportation is. Without money they must find someone who rides to India by ship and is willing to deliver the letter.

  20. Mysterious Visitors
    There is unexceptionally much work to do on this particular day. The best room has to be prepared for visitors. The secret of the identity of the visitors is revealed soon. They are Lavinia's parents. Lavinia will from now on reside in Sara's former room, the grandest of the Seminary. During the conversation between Lavinia's parents and Miss Minchin an attack on Sara becomes clear. Lavinia wants Sara for her personal maid!

  21. Bitter Tears
    Sara lives a hard life. She experiences humiliations and injustice which she bears with silent perseverance, gaining strength through the remembrance of her father. Occasionally she looks at her enemies with a strange glare, making them feel uncomfortable. As she finally begins to rebel openly for the first time, it will do her no good. It is going to be a rainy day and reasons will be found to send her on a cold and wet trip through the storm. But Sara won't give up.

  22. The Party on the Attic
    To escape the drab monotony of the daily round, Sara and her friends are going to celebrate a fine little private party in the seclusion of the attic. But to how to organize such a thing without any of those items, which are necessary? Just use your imagination. Ermengarde's shawl turns into a heavy and expensive tablecloth and in the cold grate at the wall, a warm crackling fire appears.
    (The Magic)

  23. The Friendly Baker
    These are hungry days. Sara and Becky rarely get enough to eat. One rainy day, when Sara is on her way to the market, she accidentally stumbles upon a 4-penny-piece, lying in the gutter, directly in front of a bakery. She wonders to whom it belongs. The woman from the bakery and the rector at the nearby church have credible theories. But just a little bit later, when she returns to the bakery, Sara knows what to do, discovering a small figure in front of the shop.
    (One of the Populace)

  24. Emily's Fate
    It is Lavinia's birthday, and the Seminary is in a hectic state with all the preparations of the birthday party keeping everyone busy. Sara knows that it is not a good sign, when Lavinia invites her to join the party. And as expected, her true intention are soon revealed. Lavinia asks, no, demands that Sara hands her Emily as a birthday present.

  25. Cinderella for one Day
    The wife of the mayor announces her visit to the Seminary. One detail puts Miss Minchin into great trouble. She writes in her letter, that she is looking forward to meet that little girl again, which has impressed her so much on her last visit. She means Sara, of course! Miss Minchin is in a desperate situation. At last she decides to let Sara play the role of the representative of the class for this one day.

  26. The Little Teacher
    Miss Minchin has big plans with Sara. At first she disliked the idea of Sara being a teacher. But then she fell quite in love with the opportunity to occupy a teacher who doesn't take any money from her. Sara is allowed to teach French to the younger ones. All seems to be going well until an incident occurs, where the former King of England Alfred the Great plays an important role.
    (Ram Dass)

  27. The Homecoming of Msr. Dufarge
    Msr. Dufarge protected Sara several times. He does so very unobtrusively, so that nobody notices it. But this time it turns out badly. Lavinia and her friends are asking Sara to do their homework for them, the translation of the letters to their parents to French. Mrs. Dufarge easily finds out the truth and makes the big mistake to tell it to Lavinia's face.

  28. Summer Holidays
    On the last school day all girls eagerly await the arrival of their parents to pick them up. So loud and full of cheerful voices the Seminary might be at the moment, it is going to be very quite the next several weeks. Moreover, Miss Minchin decides to send Becky into summer vacation as well to save money.

  29. Becky's Village
    After a long journey with the train, Becky finally arrives at her home village Ashfield. Although she feels well in Sara's company, she misses her family and is looking forward to see it again. Sara remains behind at the Seminary and feels more lonely than ever before. But fortunately she receives a letter from Becky one day which tells her about her experiences at home. (-)

  30. The Indian Gentleman
    One day, something interesting occurs. The house directly next to the Seminary has been vacant for a long time. But now somebody will soon move in. Sara wishes that it was a big family with many children, so that she doesn't feel so lonely anymore. But it seems that the new neighbour is an old man, Mr. Carrisford, who lives alone only accompanied by his servants.
    (The Indian Gentleman)

  31. The Monster on the Attic
    Earlier than expected, Becky returns to the Seminary. Her family can't longer afford to do without Becky's work at the seminary. So she's back to Sara's very delight. Miss Minchin reluctantly allows her to stay. Becky happily wants to go up to her room, but she gets a great shock. There's a monster or a ghost up there! But further investigation reveils that it's only a little monkey. His name is Sulya and he belongs to Ram Dass, the head servant of Mr. Carrisford. The roof windows of the two houses are adjacent and Sulya simply took the chance.
    (The Indian Gentleman)

  32. The Secret behind the Wall
    Mr. Carrisford is very ill but the doctor says it lies in his own hands to get well again. Indeed Carrisford has deep sorrows. When the project he had together with his friend Ralph turned into a disaster, he frightfully ran away. Later he had to learn that his friend died of Jungle Fever. Moreover Ralph's only daughter is now completely alone. Nobody knows where she is. Carrisford even doesn't know her name. Meanwhile Becky and Sara are quite concerned about Carrisford. He seems to be very ill and they wonder what has happened to him.
    (The Other Side of the Wall)

  33. The Beginning of School
    Holidays are over and all the girls return to the Seminary. Much work for the servants including Sara and Becky. At least Sara sees her friends Lottie and Ermengarde again. But Lavinia is back, too, and trouble is not long in coming. As a result of a nasty scene, a window of the classroom breaks.

  34. Redemption in the Middle of the Storm
    This is a very wet and stormy day. And a very very cold one for Sara. When Lavinia surprises Sara sitting before the fireplace, fallen asleep by exhaustion, the real trouble begins. An unhappy incident follows, leaving a large ink blot on Lavinia's best frock. Sara is almost helpless against Lavinia's rage. She remembers someone she met before who could help, but outside the storm awaits.

  35. At Death's Door
    Sara falls very ill. The burdens have been just too much for her. When it is realized that it is serious, the whole Seminary is in a state of disquiet. Nobody knows of Sara's real condition and the girls start whispering. Miss Minchin decides to call a doctor. Ermengarde and Becky doubt that Dr. Wild is a good doctor, and they're only more worried about Sara. They decide to help her, too.

  36. The Beginning of the Magic
    Becky has no idea what is going on on the other side of the wall. Mr. Carrisford has taken some interest in the fate of the servant girls from the neighbouring house. His head servant Ram Dass is going to take some rather unusual actions. When Sara opens her eyes in the middle of the night, she almost does not believe what she is seeing and believes she is just dreaming.
    (The Magic)

  37. A commotion on the attic
    To Sara's and Becky's delight, the Magic didn't vanish just like a nice dream. It returns everyday, turning the formerly dull and cold attic into a warm and comfortable place. Meanwhile Peter is deeply worried about Sara. The last time he heard of her, she was very ill. So he decides to visit her. He disguises himself as a chimneysweep.
    (The Visitor)

  38. The End of the Magic
    The other servants at the Seminary and Miss Minchin are very suspicious. Sara and Becky are looking extraordinarily well although they have almost nothing to eat. They decide to investigate and with success. How implausible her theories about the origin of the magic might be, Miss Minchin has got a special punishment for Sara in mind.

  39. A cold night in the stable
    Miss Minchin is still sure that Sara is helped by Peter. She doesn't allow Sara to go to the market and sends Becky instead. She meets Peter who is enraged by Sara's new situation. He runs to the Seminary and tries to convince Sara to leave it. Meanwhile Ermengarde and Lavinia have got a short but interesting conversation.

  40. Miss Amelia's Tears
    During an excursion of the class in the nearby park, Miss Amelia has a painful accident. She falls into a small but luckily shallow pond and bruises her hip. Sara is sent for Dr. Wild. After he leaves, Miss Amelia gets the opportunity to talk to Sara. She begins to tell her about the two sisters' past.

  41. The Halloween Party
    On this special day, a big party is planned at the Seminary. In the evening a whole lot of games are played. However, this is nothing for Miss Minchin so she is going to bed early. Even Sara and Becky can take part in the party. But this day should not end as happy as it began. A fire breaks out in the stable!

  42. On the Street
    Miss Minchin blames Sara for the fire. Sara sees for the first time to full extent how much Miss Minchin hates her. After this scene it is clear that the time has come at last that Sara leaves the Seminary. As she wanders aimlessly through London, she meets Peter. And he tries hard to help her, of course. Sara finds shelter and even a job.
    (The Diamond Mines again)

  43. A Nice Parcel
    Sara's new employment is not a glamorous one, though. She sells matches on the street just like the little girl from the fairy tale. But something happens. As she returns from her work, Miss Amelia is waiting for her, urging her to return to the Seminary. Shortly thereafter the reason is revealed. A parcel without detectable sender for Sara was delivered with many presents in it. Who is the mysterious benefactor?
    (The Visitor)

  44. It is the Child!
    As Sara and Becky sit together in Sara's room, they're started by a sudden rap on the window. Further investigation reveals that it is Sulya, trembling with coldness. Sara wants to help Sulya so she creeps out of the seminary to return him to the other house. But the people there are seemingly very interested in her. The following events should make Mr. Carrisford the happiest man in the world.
    (The Visitor, 'It is the Child!')

  45. Miss Minchin's remorse
    Sara is away for quite a while now. When Miss Minchin discovers that Sara went to the neighbouring house, she suspects that Sara wants to defame her. Blind with rage, she storms into the house and wants to take Sara back. But there a nasty surprise awaits. Meanwhile a letter reaches the Seminary, the answer for a letter Sara sent to India a long time ago.
    ('I tried not to be')

  46. Till we meet again
    Christmas is near and the preparations for the celebration are in progress. Sara spends a couple of happy days in London. On one of these days she meets the nice baker couple she met before and Anne, a little girl who now helps in the bakery. Then she leaves for India, but one day she will return.

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