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Here is what many people consider as the most important part of an anime home page: pictures, pictures and more pictures. I just cannot let down the fans any longer (the gallery has opened relatively late), so here they are. Most of them are directly from the series. However, some are not. The gallery is divided in four subsections and an extra page with inline animations. Enjoy!

People (10 pictures)
On this page, there are pictures of people, mainly portraits. I must admit that one particular person is a bit overpresent here. But on the other hand this applies for the gallery as a whole anyway.

Backgrounds (6 pictures)
The background artwork of the WMT series is renowned of its high quality which almost reaches big screen standards. Here is a small collection. You can find more backgrounds in the next section.

Pan-o-rama (7 pictures)
These pictures are directly from the series as the preceding ones. But they are panorama pictures, which means that they represent a pan shot respectively. Almost all of them are backgrounds. The pictures are generally a bit larger than before.

Special (7 pictures)
Unlike the rest, these pictures are not found in the series itself except one. Two images are bigger versions of inline pictures of the home page. All of them are high quality scans and relatively large so I think you will like them.

Animations (2 of them)
Here are inline animations of two picked scenes from the series. Click on the button and hopefully something will happen. To view these animations, your browser must be capable to render Java-applets. There are also stills of both scenes.

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