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Welcome to the guestbook of the 'A Little Princess Sara' home page. Feel free to write down your thoughts. I am looking forward to any opinions regarding this series or the home page itself. Criticism is also welcome but it ought to be constructive. It would be great if I could hear the opinions of different people; of those who have read the book and did not know of this version so far or those who are fond of anime but have not been so familiar with the drama genre.

Using the following small form, you can submit an entry to the guestbook. The e-mail field is optional but it can be a good chance to get contact to other Sara-fans which are indeed very rare. You can use HTML but be careful with it. Line breaks in the form will also be line breaks in the submitted entry.

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clémentine on 8-10-2002 (e-mail:
Just one word : wonderful !
I'm waiting for the french version because I haven't understood all the things written...

Evy on 7-31-2002
grate page!
Love the movie, love your page!
Go on!

Colombe DEHAESE on 7-29-2002 (e-mail:
I love Princess Sara, but I'm very sad because I'm French and I can't understand all your texts... I woulmd like to speak about Princess Sara and to read your texts but I don't speak English...Is it possible to traduct in your page, to have a "French version" ?



You're lucky. ^_^ A French section has opened on 2002-08-16.

Kez on 7-25-2002 (e-mail:
Hi I'm french too! It seems this gurst book is full of messages from people cos Princess Sara is broadcasted every day on France 5! I guess this channel has more grown ups like myself watching Princess Sarah than young children! Indeed everybody watched Princess Sarah when he was a kid and I'm delighted to re-discover this wonderful story on my screen every day. Too bad the end is soon... :-( This web site is the best I ever found about Princess Sara, keep up the good work! Kezxxx

Mai on 7-22-2002 (e-mail:
This is a great site! I loved it!

Angélique on 7-19-2002 (e-mail:
Thank you so much for this website! It is so great! In France we can watch the serial at midday and I watch it because it reminds me my childhood. I love this serial, it is so sad and happy in the same time because Sarah hopes every day for a better life. Thank you again for this part of dream...

JULIA on 7-16-2002 (e-mail:
hi every one !!
Just some words from France :o) sorry for mistakes !!! I really think Princess Sarah has made every little girls dream...even me !! every little girls from all around the world ...from japan to europe!!! this animation remains THIS of my childhood..and it is with sympathy i watch again these on tv...(on the 5 at 12PM20 for french girls hihihihi) i give a kiss to every fan of princesse sarah...bye bye

duaa kraizim on 7-15-2002 (e-mail:
i have already watched princess sara twice in arabic and i loved ........ i am really glad to find a good web site about it ....
thank you

greta on 7-15-2002 (e-mail:
I am a 21 year-old french girl and since my childhood I have loved Princess Sarah. I watched it with my mother when it was on TV on the afternoons. I knew it by heart. Then I "forgot"it until...last month when it came on Tv. And I watched i with the same pleasure as before. For 2 weeks I have been looking at all the sites that speak about Sarah and now I want to see the films and read the book. I hope that this maga will never be forgotten because it is the best that exists.

Akira Nobuhiro on 7-9-2002 (e-mail:
Hello... I like your site and... can you please maka a site about other anime classics that are featured in other countries? Thanks very much... ^__^ Please email me as soon as possible. Thanks again!!!!!!

Iris on 2-19-2002 (e-mail:
the stroy was wonderful. I like it so much!!
I had already read this book three times! :)

Lily on 2-19-2002 (e-mail:
Amelia Shankley is incredible. With such depth and enthusiasm in her part of Sara,you almost forget she's Amelia. I've seen all three versions of A Little Princess, but this version is definately my favorite, not only because it follows the book, but it also seems to be the most magical. Every time I pop this video in the VCR, I can't take it out! I've seen this movie over and over, and I already have all the lines memorized. A Little Princess is not a very popular but a very beautiful movie that, in the touching parts, can make the strongest cry! I was so touched by this movie that I felt as if I was one of the pupils in the seminary. I reccomend this movie to anyone, whether they're 9, 19, or 90!

Akari on 2-8-2002 (e-mail:
Great job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love Sara!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!She is so innocent and pure just like my sister!!!!!!!!!!!
By the way visit my site at
pls remember to sign my guestbook,Thankyou!

joseph wahba on 2-4-2002 (e-mail:
words stand powerless by sara (liesel matthews)
my own sweetheart little princess..
i always asked my self will these half closed
srrow eyes can last 4-ever!
she looked like my childhoode guard angle
of mine but unfortunity she grown up! and became
a real miss that i feel shy 2 speak w/any more
but at least i can keep her petit pic in my pocket
and as my desktop wall paper! coz she worth much more oh oh poor sara sp. when called saying papa!

moon on 1-30-2002 (e-mail:
thanks for alovely cartoon
sara crewe awonderful cartoon
thanks very very very much
bye moon

Makhbous on 1-17-2002 (e-mail:
Brilliant !

veronica on 1-6-2002 (e-mail:
I looooooooooooove Sara soooooo much

kumiko on 12-24-2001 (e-mail:
My name is kumiko. I am japanese.
I am sorry I can not speaku other language.
so plese send me e-mail in japanese.
I wanto mail friend from other country.
I like japanese comics very well.

kumiko on 12-24-2001 (e-mail:
kumiko desu.
Nihongo ga dekiru hito mail kudasai.
manga daisuki desu.

asma saleh on 12-9-2001 (e-mail:
hi there.... how are you doing ...I just want to know if I can find little princess sara in english vedio tape or dvd ....plz send me email as soon as possible and thanks alot ....byebye

Michelle on 11-7-2001 (e-mail:
"A Little Princess" has been my favorite story since I was the age of the title character. I did not even know that an anime version existed until now. If anyone can help me find an English-language version of the story or a French-language version that would be terrific. I also have the 1987 version on video. This is a beautifully done website with a lot of great information, especially the episode guide.

Elodie Schmidlin on 10-16-2001 (e-mail:

LIESEL MATTHEWS MOST MOST MOST MOST MOST MOST MOST RULZ! FOR EVER FOR EVER FOR EVER FOR EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tina W on 10-11-2001
Thanx. Nice job

Phil on 10-11-2001
Cool site. Thanks

fiona de ocampo on 8-16-2001 (e-mail:
hi! great site!
sara is my fave anime too.
btw, may i paste some of sara's photos on my home page?
i promise not to forget to acknowledge where they're from.

Miss Poppy on 7-10-2001 (e-mail:
wonderful website !!!

serena on 7-4-2001
I loved your site... I happened to come across it and I'm so glad I found it! Keep it up!

carolyn on 7-3-2001 (e-mail:
Hi Sara,
I was so creatfull for this opportunity to write a letter to you and say hi to you.
Hey you so pretty and your famous that nice.
Your good at acting i hope that i would be like you so i can act like a movie star.
your got a nice movies and nice pictures. Keep up the good work.

Vivianne Maeda on 6-26-2001 (e-mail:
Hi. My name is Vivianne and I was very fortunate to see the series in the Philippines a long time ago. I liked it very much and to this point I am still hoping that one day it would be aired in the United States or at least be available in english version. Is it available on DVD or VHS for collectors?

M shokry on 6-8-2001 (e-mail:
very good site
i saw the sieres many years ago
and i was very happy to meet it again

is it available to buy it from some where ??
if so .. where can i find it ?


Virginia on 5-24-2001 (e-mail:
this homepage is very gd!

Kaisie on 5-11-2001 (e-mail:
Aww, I saw this series years ago when I was in france, and I adored it. Too bad it's not translated to very many languages. Nice site you have btw:)

minoru on 5-7-2001 (e-mail:
I happend to visit your site from Japan. I am 55years old,father of two daughters,21 and 23. When "Little Princess" series was on TV,they loved the series very much. At that time, teir cousin, also a little girl, lived in Philippine with her family. I decided to record the series on videotape and send it to her month by month. After two or three months, I felt it very hard to record the series every week. But from Phirippine, her mother (my sisiter) threttend me, "If you stop recording,my daughter ・・・・!!”  So,I recorded the program every week to the end. I was very glad when the series ended.

Sorry. ^_^

Tuna (x)-|-|-|-< on 4-17-2001 (e-mail:
Thanx 2 everyone, this website helped me alot with my homework! Thanx again!

Sailor Star Skater on 3-11-2001 (e-mail:
Never heard of the anime, A little princess Sara. Seems like a very cute anime ,though.
I'm going to be making my anime soon.
my site is located at

hiromi murray furuwa on 3-11-2001 (e-mail:
konnichiwa!! i was very delighted to see a princess sara home page!! thanks a lot!! its my very very favorite anime from nippon animation! ive seen the english movie[american version], and read the books! i want to congratulate you guys for a good, umm... no! GREAT work! Arigatou Gozaimasu![thank you]

matt on 3-6-2001 (e-mail:

manila chongtoua on 3-2-2001 (e-mail:
first of all, I love your site. I also love
princesse Sarah. It's one of my favortite animation of all time.
Howver, I wonder how I can get the whole episode box?
Where can I find it, and how. Another thing is, Is there an animation of
Princess Sarah in the English version???
Please let me know as soon as possible..
thank you.

I'm afraid there is no English version available. The complete LD box set can be obtained in Japan only. Try an import service or find a Japanese shop which ships also to other countries.

Stephanie Claypool on 2-22-2001 (e-mail:

Tippets on 2-3-2001 (e-mail:

Aubrey on 1-31-2001 (e-mail:
Hello i like your web sit every one in my family
and all
my friends say im a princess i am the middle child
of 3 kids 2 boys and me! i think that all princess
there should go for there dreams and remember that
god made the land god made the sea he needed a
princess so he made me!! thank you!

Philip Wang on 1-26-2001
Hello! I come from R.O.C.
I watched the series in Chinese when I was 18.
But I read the book when I was a liitle child(of
course in Chinese)
Several months ago,I found the English version of
this book in a bookstore and the cassette,I was so excited.
But today I am even more excited,because I finally realized
that many people around the world also love this masterpiece,
Gan Ba De!
If anyone is interested in the song in Chinese version
of Little Princess series,welcome to

Ryanne on 12-16-2000 (e-mail: ryannecastello)
I like this movie that it made me cry at the end.In my class my teacher had us do a repot on any folk lore and i picked fairytale.then the story i picked wAs the Little Princess. So for me to pick it for a report I really liked it

Chibi K on 12-10-2000 (e-mail:
Oh, thank you, THANK YOU for having this WONDERFUL Sara site!! I don't think many people know it but it is indeed one GREAT anime. Thank you for having such a nice page! Please keep it up!

Arbre on 12-5-2000 (e-mail:

When I was a little boy, I watched this anime in France. I remember I cried a lot.

Thank you for reviving wonderful memories. I love your website and I particulary like your "Againt Child Labour" page.


myplanet on 11-15-2000 (e-mail:

Flavia on 11-14-2000 (e-mail:
This site is the best on the net!!! Congratulations!!!

Kate on 11-11-2000 (e-mail:
I'm Kate from Bochum, Germany and I LOVE your page! I also love " A Little Princess" and I read the book (in English), watched the movie (in English) and the series (in German, unfortunatly).
At the moment I'm translating the 46 episodes into English. It is really hard to talk for so many people at once so it's far from perfect but I'm glad that I'm at least kind of able to watch this wonderful serial in English!
I'm so glad that someone else likes this amazing story of "A little Princess" as much as me and I would like to thank you for the homepage! IT'S JUST GREAT! :) HIGH FIVES ALL AROUND!

Keep up this good work!

See ya!


ghadeer alomany on 11-10-2000 (e-mail:

Amanda on 11-5-2000 (e-mail:
As a child, I thoroughly enjoyed A Little Princess and The Secret Garden, both books illustrated by Tasha Tudor. These two texts were some of the most read books of my youth and are forever lingering reminiscences of my childhood. I believe these books to be the most enchanting for any child.
I had just happen to stumble upon a thought of A Little Princess while reading Henry Jame's "Daisy Miller". I am not quite sure why.

Hanni Lee on 10-23-2000 (e-mail:
Does anyone know if the "Sara" series is available in Mandarin? My daughters speak Mandarin and love watching shows in it. Could I get it in China? Does anyone know what the series is called in Chinese (pinyin)?
Hanni Lee

Kristen Zimmerman on 9-29-2000 (e-mail:
Cool website!

samuro on 9-23-2000 (e-mail:
can you send me catalouge?

Stanley Yu on 9-19-2000 (e-mail:
WWWWAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!At last I found a dedicated Sara site. I've been looking for ages...maybe that's a little too exaggerated, for a long time!!! At last I can download the music which I've never heard yet. No thanks to our local channel they don't even let us hear or see the intro and ending songs.
Keep up the good work and get some more Sara images, and mp3.
To tell you the truth I really love this series ever since I first saw it since I was a child.

RM on 8-23-2000 (e-mail:
"Everyone must to take care of words."
For authentication, that is, Little Princess Sara is truly a very remarkable anime ever made by japanese ingenuity compared to any other anim that I have watched, from top to bottom of oppurtunity. I have watched so many films in my life throughout, even the AFI top-notcher: Citizen Kane, and my sci-fi favorite: Space Oddesey: 2001. I am capable of classifying the elements of every detail of every film that I have watched, but I found out Little Princess Sara does the "most perfect" of expression and faces of people.

And later, I have watch many animations in my life. And, therefore I found out that the japanese only interacts with the real word, faces, and the natural identities of people compared to any other methods. Even the Walt Disney cannot make through it. The Japanese has the clean culture that made the impression of real expression of art. I have watched many nippon animations compared to fan-subjected anime (e.g. Nausicaa, Neon Genesis Evangelion). but it appears Sara has done the perfection among films.

"She is outstandingly rare in identity, I have never seen her signature throughout the destinations that I have gone."
"This film has the most respect to a kind like her."
"The conspiracy is that... dont they know that... Sailormoon of Toei and Neon Genesis Evangelion of GAINAX got her and made her as Hotaru Tomoe and Rei Ayanami. Unbelievably surprising of they do not know about this. Therefore, at this time many shall inspire her."

SARAH on 8-20-2000 (e-mail:
i cant believe i found this site, i watched the series years ago in arabic and it is a wonderful and touching series, but it was dubbed in arabic as little princess sally, he he!! kool site you have and im glad someone made a website dedicated to this series, thank you!!

Anna Sartin on 8-18-2000 (e-mail:
I found your site tonight purely by accident while searching for the 1987 movie "A Little Princess" produced by Wonderworks. I'm both a fan of the movie and novel, and I am a MAJOR Animé fan, especially Sailor Moon and Vampire Princess Miyu. I can't believe I never knew this series existed! It's a terrible tradgity that it was never traslated into English, and I feel cheated having never gotten to see it. Thank you so much for making this site, and educate Animé lovers of the English speaking world who were robbed of the chance to experience this animated series for themselves. I hope that "A Little Princess Sara" will be available in America one day, but until then, thank you for gracing the cyber world with your site!

RM on 8-18-2000 (e-mail:
Hello and congratulations for your site for this rare beautiful princess. And, this "A little princess" is back and aired here on the Philippines once more, weekdays every afternoon.

And also, for your information. Not more than two months, I have also created a site just like yours and I might release it between September and October.

Sincerely, RM.

Edwin S. Juen Jr. on 8-16-2000 (e-mail:
I have learned a lot from your anime series, I am very impressed by the author in his wonderful work of literature to inspire many people to go on through life. I wish that more novels like this be given life through cartoon series.

PIKA...PIKA...CHUUU!!! on 7-14-2000
Hello from FRANCE!!!!!!Your site is wonderfull because it remembered me my childhood. In fact, at the age of 8, to me, Princess sarah was a model.
She was like an angel and she has inspired my most beautiful dreams!

< DT>Horus on 6-7-2000 (e-mail:

I had never heard of this serie before. Thanks to you i am more enlightned.
Im short of time now but, ill be coming here more often to learn more of "who is Little Princess Sara". I enjoyed the layout too. Nicely done :)

Morrigan Aensland on 6-5-2000 (e-mail:
Hello Nice Pgae not too many Princess Sara Pages out there anyways great work I love this Page Keep up the good work

Florence Cheung on 4-19-2000
I am extremely impressed with your website. I saw the Cantonese dub of this anime when I was very young, probably back in 1988, and I loved it very much. The very sole reason why I am searching for relevant sites on the internet now is because I still have a great penchant for the novel and wish to dedicate a website to this fantastic story. So yes, please add in your merchandize section that the series has been translated into Cantonese as well.

Christine on 4-10-2000 (e-mail:
The best cartoon of my childhood !!

K K Z on 3-30-2000

KHAN KANIZ FATIMA on 3-18-2000

elly on 9-12-1999 (e-mail:
I hadn't thought "Sara,the little princess",could be a Manga!!

stephanie on 8-24-1999 (e-mail:
Very intersting and informative site. This has always been one of my favorite stories. I never knew there was an anime based on it, though.DO keep up the excellent work.

A. Sanada on 8-5-1999 (e-mail:
Guten Tag! oder Abend!, Rehrl-san

This is not first time for me to visit your site but first time to leave my message on your guestbook. I am very happy to find your web page is continuously growing to be greater and nicer, and I would like to say my best Danke! for your excellent job.

Ayamitsu Sanada

Chain on 7-21-1999 (e-mail:
I like this site, because I like Sara too!!^_^
I am very happy,I can find this Sara site.

María Isabel Bethancourth Espinoza on 6-11-1999 (e-mail:
I saw the norteamerican movie and read the novel, I Like very much, but I never think that "Little Princess" have a anime. When a see you page I feel very excite.....I hope that in my country see the series soon. Keep the good work and bring more pictures abour "Little Princess Sara"

Roxy on 5-28-1999
I just want to say thank you for this wonderful website. It is a perfect way to give in great detail the summary of a wonderful story. Thank you again!

Reina E. on 5-21-1999
Very nice page. This anime was shown in Channel 2
in the Philippines last 1994, i think. Sara was
such a big hit in here, i mean, if it wasn't
great enough, local stars would not do a local
version of A Little Princess the movie, and at the
very time it was shown in the Philippines, the
original international movie was shown too! So if
it isn't a great hit, people would not make up
their minds about which movie to watch, since they
have already seen the anime! Amazing, huh?

There's a lot of differences bet. the international
movie and the anime, because Sara was not caught
by the police, and they returned the tables in
the anime after they learned the clothes are for

How do you spell her name correctly, anyway? Sara
or Sarah?

'Sara' is the correct spelling

Sophie on 2-23-1999 (e-mail:

I really like these pages about Sarah. But, if you can put some pictures of the others characters (I mean Lavinia, Beckie, etc).

I'm french and I discovered Little princess Sarah thanks to the TV (nooooo!^-^)and I read the novel. Actually I read two different versions of this novel but I don't remember the name of the second one.

Alice Kim on 1-5-1999 (e-mail:
I visit here and link this site at my home page
but I did'nt sign guestbook yet

It's really great site.
I love this animation
I saw this ani on my age 10 or less..

very impressive and fascinated... really great..

and I love this page,,..
I visit here very often...

thanks for many reasons

KENJI on 1-1-1999 (e-mail:
HI!HI!HI! Nice to meet you!
I'm Japanese boy who loves SARA!
I don't know that "SYOKOJO SARA" is known by foreign countries. I'm happy to find it.
This movie moved me.
I'm very very glad to find such a cool this page.
I will often visit this page.
Shall we talk about this movie?
See you.

Geoff Cowie on 12-31-1998 (e-mail:
Hadn't looked around here before. Am impressed.

Enra on 12-8-1998 (e-mail:
Hi Konnitiwa!
I am Japanese love love Sara fan

Fabrice on 11-27-1998 (e-mail:
Great page! I am very happy to found some informations
about this anim' whitch I have viewed in my
childhood! :)

Bye bye!
Fabrice T.

Sarah LeVesque on 11-11-1998 (e-mail:
I think that her books are really beautiful.

hazel on 10-21-1998 (e-mail:
i had the opportunity to see this absolutely wonderful
show rtl in germany....a huge fan!
great webpage.


TemJin on 9-7-1998 (e-mail:
Hi,I like this movie and your homepage.this anime
really impressed me. Hoping everyone can hold right
spirit when in a tough situatuion.
(ps:Ha...sorry about my poor english)

Bernadette on 8-5-1998 (e-mail:
Hello!! I love your web page! I read the reviews about the movies that were made! I think that I prefer the anime! I have read the book before and until now it is still my favourite! By the way do you have any idea if there is any tape on the anime for sale??? Keep up the good work!

The LD-boxes are quite sufficient, I think. ^_^ But maybe there will be a DVD-release in the future.

Erika P. on 7-26-1998 (e-mail:
Thank You very much for this lovely page.
I really like it, also because it gets better and better. Everytime I visit this site there is something new. You did a great job!
By the way Sara is the shoujo anime I like best, so I think it's fantastic to find a place where I can found out everything about it (and without having to do it myself! ^__^;)
So, i just wanted to tell you this.
Bye Erika

Monique Howarth on 5-3-1998
It was a great movie and i loved it.

sedfrey on 2-22-1998 (e-mail:
thanks a lot for this at last i could make my book review egarding this novel thanks a bunch guys!!!!!!!!1

p.s by the way i have watch this little princess in the big screen and even every day in the philippines


Honey-Pig on 1-8-1998 (e-mail:
Thank you for this wonderful page which help me to
find all the information that I need.

Emily on 12-28-1997 (e-mail: EmStar13)
I resently did a stage production of a little princess and I was sara. I love the story alot. We made a book on tape. I also played Mary Lennox in Secret Garden a stage prodution. But i liked the role of sara better. it was with a profesional theatre and was great fun. If you have any products that i could purchase please send me a catologe or a site that i can get them from. thanks and please write back! Emily

Ming-Yang on 11-16-1997 (e-mail:
I watched "A Little Princess Sara"in taiwan,too.
I was deeply attracted by her when I first saw her
in the animation.It's a pity that the"world mas-
terpiece theater"is over in Japan.There are many
nice animation in it.But I will cherish and remen-
ber "A Little Princess Sara "and the"world master-
piece theater"forever.
Sometimes I saw Sara by video tapes that I re-
corded by myself.And I never feeled bored .It's
really a great animation.And I read the original
books ,too.
This is a good homepage ,I hope it can keep for-

Adriana Gomez on 11-6-1997
I'm a cartoon fan, and Japanese cartoons are realy
good. I have the oportunity to live in japan for 1
and a half years, so i realy enjoy Kid's station
and Princess Sara.
I have a CD With music from japanese cartoons
series, but is in Japanese. Anyway, I realy love it
I Hope some they we have more pages from others
japanese cartoons series, like Daddy long leg's etcc

And in English.

Anna Maria on 10-29-1997 (e-mail:

I just want to thank you for a wonderful home page. I扉e searched the net for something like this for quite some time and I 惴 so happy I扉e find yours.
I扉e loved the book " A little Princess" since I was 8 yrs old and it is still one of my favourites.
I haven愒 had the privilige to watch the serie since it hasn愒 aired here in Sweden but I just love the movie starring Liesel Matthews as Sara.
I惴 a big Sara- fan !

Bekie (Alitinha) on 8-20-1997 (e-mail:
Hello, I'm from Brazil
Your page is D best! D+! the best
cool! I liked it... Thank u!!

Richard Damesin on 7-30-1997 (e-mail:
A very nice website of an anime that reminds me of
when I used to watch it on TV ten years ago.
Very esthetically pleasing. Better than a lot of
websites dedicated to greater animes.
RAD has spoken.

Yabuchan on 6-25-1997 (e-mail:
Nice to meet you, Taro!

I found about Sara's page.
I recommend to see this:
There're two Sara's pictures.
But there is Japanese page only.(^_^;

Well, I bought multi-system VCR, so now, I can watch PAL-recorded
tapes.(^_^) I get WMT Nan and Miss Jo of Chinese version.
If I can, I want to see/get Sara of except Japanese version, too.

I hope you update Sara's pages soon!
See you again(^_^)/~~

Vanessa Manon on 6-15-1997 (e-mail:
I have the new version of The Little Princess.
I don't know how many times I saw it because
I've seen it soo many times, I don't remember.

Barbara C. on 4-25-1997 (e-mail:
What a surprise to find your page! I'm always I'm always happy to
find such a splendid page for this splendid show.
I am part of a club of ladies who like anime, and we are trying to
create English-subtitled episodes of this series for showing at anime
clubs -- which would be a drastic change from the Dragonball and Gundam
which shows there usually. If and when we succeed, you will probably see
an announcement of our effort somewhere on Ben Ettinger's World
Masterpiece Theater webpage. It will be at least a year before we can
begin. I personally feel that this anime needs to be shown on American
public television, the educational network. I'm sure it will be,
someday. I just hope it is sooner rather than later.

Alicia Smith on 4-1-1997 (e-mail:
I didn't know there was a Little Princess anime until a few webpages ago. I wanted to see what it was about, so I did a search for the title. Your web page was extreamly helpful. Thank you!
I loooooove the book, and NEED this anime! Alicia

Jessica Li on 3-5-1997 (e-mail:
I was suprised to see a web site for "A little princess Sara". I know that it is not a popular anime TV series. I like this anime very much and hope that more people will notice it. Nice try. The web page is also beautiful. Keep working.

Sheryl Gleim on 3-4-1997 (e-mail:
I watched the movie "A Little Princess" tonight on HBO 2. I am a 4th Grade teacher and would love to use this piece of literature with my students. Maybe as a "radio play". Do you have any suggestions? Thank-You! Sheryl

Rene-Gilles Deberdt on 2-7-1997 (e-mail:

I'm particularly fond of the Sarah pic you used on your introduction page. It's so poetic !

btw, it's in French only, sorry! ^^;

Sarah is my favorite series of its kind, probably mostly because of its perfect music score. I've been looking for the CD for years... I now suppose it doesn't even exist. *sob*

You don't have to be right with me, of course...

As for the Eva fan, I really don't understand how he could imagine a page dedicated to Princess Sarah devoting a part of its pages to such a different anime ?!?!... hu, some people are so strange ;-)

About the composer, Yasuo Higuchi : I really love this guy. Do you know that he recently did a new soundtrack for an anime series ? It's the 39-episode series called "Gundam X".

I loved this symphonic soundtrack.

Bye !!!

-- Naoki, French journalist

There is no soundtrack for the series. I have got an official confirmation from Nippon Animation. Sad thing indeed.

Ben Ettinger on 1-10-1997 (e-mail:
*Very* impressive page. It's well researched,
written, and organized. I'm envious! I should go
and bury my head in the sand for this, but I
haven't seen Sara yet. Suffice it to say that
your page makes me want to! But I still think
Takahata has the golden touch. :) I think your
page kicks quite a bit of posterior as it is. And
I agree with your Evassessment. Once again --
great job! I'll tell all my friends.

John Prenis on 1-9-1997 (e-mail:
I am an anime fan and have enjoyed the book
"A Little Princess". But I did not know until
now that there was an anime Sara. Now I can hope
to see it some day. Domo arigato!

Josh Thomas on 1-8-1997
Hey your page is pretty cool but what would make it
cooler is a couple pages devoted to Eva freaks...
that would kick ass!

Sorry, this site is dedicated to 'A Little Princess Sara' only. There are Evangelion sites at other places.

Frederic Goetzinger (France) on 1-8-1997 (e-mail:
"A Little Princess Sara" is my favorite anime, too.
That's why I am very happy you made this home page. In fact,your page is
wonderful. You speak about everything: about the marvellous musics of the
series, about the characters (I do particullary agree with what you said
about Miss Minchin)...
You show especially why this anime is a real masterpiece,
and that all the details are important. I hope that people will see and become
fond of the series after having read this page.
Thank you and congratulations Taro!

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Taro Rehrl (e-mail), 1997-01-01, 2002-08-17