On this page, there are some links to other places, which might be interesting. There are quite few yet. If you discover other good sites, which are related to 'A Little Princess Sara' in any way, please let me know.

Sub Rosa - Rare and Literary Anime
Visit this site to get vast information about all the other series in Nippon Animation's World Masterpiece Theater (WMT) line. The list features all titles from the very beginning up today. You will find many names such as the directors or the character designers and also useful background information, which should turn you into a World Masterpiece Theater expert.
The site is maintained by Benjamin Ettinger (

Note: There is a copy of an older version of this page on a server in Finland.

The World Masterpiece Theater
There is now a second home page solely dedicated to the World Masterpiece Theater animes, maintained by Frederic Goëtzinger ( It is bilingual; French and English. It offers a good introduction into the WMT and it's purpose as well as a complete listing of all series. On some series a more detailed description is available. Frederic will tell you also his personal opinion of them (he's got an excellent taste if you ask me. ^_^). The page offers also a great deal of broadcast information, mainly in Europe. One of the most important parts of the site is the WMT favourites poll. Cast your vote now. You'll also find the info you need to join the new Nippon Animation mailing list in English language. Finally!
The Sara section is here.

Nippon Animation Official Home Page
On the official home page of Nippon Animation, they inform about their newest productions, but I am afraid it is in Japanese. Additionally there is information about the many video cassettes, CDs, books or LD Boxes which are available directly from Nippon Animation. I am afraid the site is in Japanese.
The web page was designed by Team Media Forest (

Yocky's Sara page
Unfortunately, this page does not exist anymore. It's contents have merged with Ram Dass' page (see below). Yocky's page for Katri, Girl of the Meadows is still there, though. Well worth checking out.
Was maintained by Yoshiki Ooshima (, now by Collector TAKA (

Yuuta Ihara's Sara page
This is a great site dedicated to 'A Little Princess Sara'. It contains several sections including a character guide and more information such as general discussion about the WMT line. Unfortunately this is a Japanese site so I can't really tell more.
The site is owned by Yuuta Ihara (

Maria's Sara page
Finally another German Sara page. There is a summary of the story and a character guide on it. I'll give a spoiler warning here although most of you English speaking people should not be able to understand German. ^_^

The Princess Sara Museum
This is by all means the largest Japanese Sara-page authored by Seiichi "Ramdas" Adachi (e-mail: For example there are really countless pictures. They are divided in anime article scans, cel scans, grabs direct from the LDs, merchandise photos, fan-art and fun pics, and many more including sketches and other production material. There is even a Windows 95/98 screensaver for Sara. Additionally you get the usual informations like a staff listing, a character guide and a story overview. If you are able to speak Japanese, the Sara BBS will be one of the most interesting installments of the page. This is a so-called WWW board which is a mixture of a guestbook and a newsgroup.

Sara's Attic
A new Japanese home page dedicated to Sara. Too bad that you can't read the text without knowledge of the Japanese language. Because, it is reported to be very interesting and amusing. To console yourself, you can look at the assorted collection of fan art. The whole page itself looks very nice. Being only a part of the owner's main page, you're as well invited to have a look at it.

Dream Come True
A fanlisting is a directory of fans of a specific topic serving as a contact point of contact for them. This fanlisting for Sara fans is hosted by Bernie Bette and is set in the USA.

Entry at Best Anime
Best Anime is a directory resembling the Internet Movie Database, mostly because visitors can rate the entries. There is fairly large picture archive, mostly screenshots from a German broadcast. The other pictures are taken from my gallery. And there is still more material ready to download.

Cyber Namida Review
Cyber Namida is a huge French anime site. Follow the above link to get to a short review of the French version of 'A Little Princess Sara' (in french). Be careful, though: as far as my limited French knowledge can tell, the whole story is being given away. You have been warned. You can as well go to the main page of Cyber Namida.

Projekt Sara
Record of René Quakernack's project to encode the series in the DIVX format. There are many example screenshots on this page. Tips and guides to DIVX can be found at the main page. Of course, Sara is not the only project.

Nippon Animation Filmography
Ben Ettinger also provides a listing of nearly all Nippon Animation productions. The list is not so extensively commented like the previous one but it is still very interesting. Nippon Animation has produced many other anime besides the World Masterpiece Theater line such as 'Spaceship Sagittarius' or 'Hey! Bunbuu'.

Project Gutenberg
This non-profit organization is dedicated to make classic literature available online. You can read not only 'Sara Crewe' or 'A Little Princess', but many more. There are over 750 books available. The authors: Frances Hodgson Burnett, William Shakespeare, Dante Alighieri ... and of course many of the authors whose works were adapted by the series in the World Masterpiece Theater line.

News: rec.arts.books.childrens
This is the right place to discuss children's literature. People often use it to discover good books for their children but it is evident that also many adults are interested in children's novels.

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