Thank you, Peter

At this place, I want to thank all people who have contributed to the 'A Little Princess Sara' home page in any way. You have helped the home page to get better and more informative.
Thank you very much!

David Haguenauer (e-mail:
David is the translator of the section for the French Sara fans. Like the other sections, this one will also be tended to continuously. Thanks to David's fast work speed and technical expertise, the French section could be finished really quickly.

Isaac Soriano (e-mail:
Thanks to Isaac, the home page could be enriched by another supported language. He translated the whole site to Spanish. I know very well that this is hard work, so I congratulate him on the successful completion of this task. Isaac will tend to the Spanish version of the home page also in the future.

DivideByZero (e-mail:
The translator responsible for the Italian version has done a tremendous job, enabling the Italian Sara fans to enjoy the site fully. A pat on the shoulder for this exceptional treat!

Frederic Goetzinger (e-mail:
For his useful information about the French version of the series and also the various broadcasts in France.

Benjamin Ettinger (e-mail:
For the corrections of the song lyrics in the music section of this site.

René Quakernack (e-mail:
For his useful hints towards the German voice actors of 'A Little Princess Sara'.

Hitoshi Doi (e-mail:
For his valuable Seiyuu Database service. You can find the Seiyuu (Japanese voice actor) database at this WWW address.

Naoki (e-mail:
For some more useful informations I found at Cyber Namida including two of the French voice actresses.

Yabuchan (e-mail:
For finding the original title song of the series in midi file format (and for a link). Of course thanks also go to the sequencers of the files.

Sonic (e-mail:
For the lyrics of the French and Italian opening songs and additional information.

Yoshiki "Yocky" Ooshima (e-mail:
For the three additional midi files. Unfortunately I have missed to ask Yocky in advance for permission to use those files on my site. Sorry for that. ^_^;

Laura und Francesca (e-mail:
For many Italian voice actors of the series.

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