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As in every web-site, these pages are permanently under construction. The second date at the bottom of each page is that of the last update. (The first is the creation date.) The dates are in YYYY-MM-DD format. However, the dates will be changed even on minor revisions like spelling corrections. Greater changes such as new pages will be announced here. This is also a place for every sort of other news which might be interesting.

17th August, 2002
Unfortunately I was far from being able to tend the home page properly for quite a long time, being occupied by many other activities. Furthermore the guestbook and the imagemaps did not work for a while. Accept my apologies for that. But do not worry; the page will continue to exist forever. Perhaps next year I will even have more time than now. ^_^
But here is the actual update: the French Sara fans had to wait long enough for an own section of the site, but now it is finally there. The translator of the French section is David Haguenauer (hsimpson@altern.org). I have moved the entries in the various guestbooks, that were written in French, to the guestbook of the new section.

16th April, 2001
No change in the content of the site this time, but nevertheless a very extensive one. The most important one is the new internet address of the site, http://www.little-princess-sara.net/. Please update your bookmarks. And the Spanish version of the home page has gone online now. The translator is Isaac Soriano (tabby@wanadoo.es). Of course, this version will also be kept up to date with the English version just like the Italian one.
Additionally the whole site has been checked and corrected to be valid HTML 4.01. For compatibility with older browsers, the "transitional" DTD has been used.

7th December, 2000
Another small update. The Italian and the French opening songs to the series are now downloadable from the music section. And I have found photos of two of the German voice actors at Stimmgerecht. You can look at them in the voice actors section.

31st October, 2000
I have come to the conclusion that I am no longer satisfied with the quality of some inline pictures. Therefore I will gradually replace them until I can turn to the next real update, which will be an addition to the gallery. This will take some time, though, because I am still trying to find a good compromise between picture quality and low download time. The pictures on the characters and animals pages have already been handled.

17th September, 2000
Sorry for the delay to this interesting news. The first Sara DVDs have been available for a while now, from Bandai Visual.

21st Mai, 2000
The Italian version of the Sara home page has opened! All pages have been translated into Italian by DivideByZero (dividebyzero@freemail.it). He will also care for the future updates. This should be the best news so far, at least for Italian Sara fans.

28th June, 1999
Moving day! The new URL of the Sara home page is now
Please update your links and bookmarks and tell all your friends. I have taken the chance to update the directory structure of my pages and also moved to cascaded style sheets for page layout. They should be still compatible to older browsers, though.

3rd February, 1999
No update regarding the contents this time. I have just modernized the main page.

20th September, 1998
Finally the first major update after a long wait. The new section deals with the direction, which has formerly been represented just by the storyboards section. The old pages have been integrated in the new section, which now consists of seven pages stuffed with information.

25th May, 1998
Added some eye-candy to the screenplay section.

23rd April, 1998
Some small changes here and there. I have added two links to the links page which I consider quite useful. There are also the lyrics to the French and the Italian opening songs available now in the music section. And I have added three more midi files, one for each Japanese song, respectively.

April, 1998
I have received a nice award from a private home page, the CyBärin Award. Unfortunately I don't know anymore, when I received it exactly. Many thanks for it.

28th December, 1997
Who thinks that Sara and Becky live in extraordinarily bad conditions, can inform himself at the new page on child labour in Victorian England and further background information. Unfortunately I did not manage to finish it before christmas.

14th October, 1997
This was taking long, but the episode guide is finally here. There is a list of all 46 episodes, together with a short description. Be warned that they contain spoilers.

12th May, 1997
At last I have added a picture gallery to the 'A Little Princess Sara' Home Page. It did take a long time but I think the wait was worth it. There are 32 pictures to view and two animated Java-applets.

25th April, 1997
Additional to the first one, a second version of the title song waits at the music section for you. It is a little closer to the original than the other one. And there is a background for the Sara-pages now. (Did not take long to download, did it?)

12th April, 1997
Mizuiro isn't the only song now, which is available as a midi file. At the music section there is now the title song 'Hana no Sasayaki' available.

9th February, 1997
This is the first major update. On two extensive pages almost the complete production staff and almost all (Japanese) voice actors are listed. There are photographs of many people, for some of them there is also a larger version available. See you there.

7th February, 1997
Very bad news today. Fuji TV, a Japanese TV network on which the World Masterpiece Theater (WMT) is economically dependent on, has decided to not continue the line for the usual money-making reasons. The current WMT-Series 'Remi the Homeless' is going to be the last and it ends in March. This is not only a severe blow to the Fans of the WMT line but also on anime culture itself. As for the home page itself, the German version now has got an own logo.

23th January, 1997
The section for commercial topics has been updated. There is now information about the different languages the series has been translated to and about the various broadcasts. There is also a 'Thanks' section where all contributers to the home page are credited.

17th January, 1997
There is now a small page with various links on it to provide some more interesting information. The list is very small yet, though.

11th January, 1997
The What's new section has gone online. Furthermore there is now another example scene in the Storyboards section.

10th January, 1997
Best of Internet-Logo
My home page has received the Best of Internet award from the German Internet organization Up2day as one of the (two) TopLinks of the day in the radio & TV category. Thank you! Their home is at www.top.de.

6th January, 1997
The home page is now "officially" online. The German version of the site is now finished as well as two new sections, Music and Commercial topics. The time has now come to announce the home page for the public. ^_^

2nd January, 1997
A rerun of 'A Little Princess' just started on the German TV network RTL2. Unfortunately, again the broadcast time is very unfavourable: 12 o' clock. It is no wonder that the series is overlooked by so many people.

1st January, 1997
I really wanted to finish the site before the series starts here in Germany but I have not made it. So only a part of the planned service was available when I announced the page to the people on the German anime mailinglist AnimeGer. But I think it was too late anyway.

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